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What are headshots and why should I get one?Headshots are professional photos taken usually from t

Headshots are professional photos taken usually from the shoulders up of your head to be used by your business or your work's company for websites, business cards and more. Headshots are meant to show off professionalism, personality and branding. Lots of people today use headshots from actors to start up businesses, real estate agents and doctors and lawyers.

Above is a recent headshot with the lovely Peta as taken by Brad from The Headshot Guys Hair and makeup done by KH Luxury Makeup

Brad from The Headshot Guys, whom I work closely with on many professional headshots says about headshots:

”I believe we have moved past the idea that a “selfie” will suffice for our online profile image. For business people that have an online presence, they know that relationship marketing is starting to play an increasing roll in who we give our business too. Research tells me that people take less than 3 seconds to make up their mind about people or their businesses based on their imagery!”

Brad who specialises in headshots in Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast encourages his clients to always book a professional hairstylist and makeup artist when getting headshots because he knows the vast difference it can make to the overall message and branding of the image.

After years of working with studio photographers as a makeup artist, I understand what level of make up is required to be seen under the harsh lighting in a studio yet still look natural. There is a fine line between having too much makeup on and looking overdone and not having enough makeup on and the face lacking any shape or definition.

Additionally, when we get photos from a professional photographer, imperfections in makeup that may not otherwise be noticeable can become glaringly obvious. So your normal makeup might look fine for everyday wear in the office however, can stand out in professional photos. The goal of professional headshots is to convey a professional appearance and brand which is best achieved with professional hairstyling and makeup.

To find out more about professional headshots in Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast and Ipswich or to book a 'makeup artist near me' please email

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