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It's formal time!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Often the ladies arrive, a little nervous and excited. It's their first time seeing a professional makeup artist and they aren't quite sure what they need to do. (nothing simply enjoy themselves). I seat them in the comfy chair in front of my studio dresser while their mum sits in the chair to the side. Then we go through some inspiration images for makeup and hair. Many of them have never even worn makeup so they opt for simpler lighter looks closer to their natural face, while others will pick the wildest makeup look they can find. Sure to look perfect for this night like Cinderella at the ball. Then the service begins, I use hairbrushes, GHD curlers and makeup brushes like magic wands to transform them into their formal selves for the day.

As the service goes on they become more comfortable and confident and often by the end of the service we are both laughing.

You may or may not be aware, I do work with Formally Ever After each year so families in need can send their high school students to formal in style for free.

Formally Ever After is run by the big-hearted Tammy, who collects formal gowns, jewellery, shoes and even makeup so all the students in the Logan area and south east Queensland area (and now far wider regions) can access these often costly items and attend their high school celebrations. The families who access these services are often families who have been affected by financial difficulties and many circumstances outside their control.

I started working with Tammy last year to make sure these students could access my services for free (thanks to the lovely people who pay it forward in the community) and at discounted rates. Many students have never been to a professional makeup artist or hairstylist so it is always a very special service.

The parts I love most about offering this to them and why I keep doing it is I can see the big impact it has on the student and the families. I often have the whole family come to the service including, grandmas, aunts, sisters and mum just to watch the service because they are all so excited to see their loved one get pampered for a day.

Each student is different I love finding out about their high school journey. High school isn't easy for most, they have often had difficulties outside their control which making going to school and finishing that little bit more challenging than most. Some are the first of their families to even graduate high school or have gone to several schools over the 5 years in high school. Either way, formal is always a night they wont forget and I'm so proud to be a part of it.

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