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How to tell your makeup artist you don't like the look

What should I do if the makeup doesn't turn out the way I want?

Firstly before booking the makeup artist have a look at portfolios and past work on social media and their websites. This will give you a rough idea of the style they do.

Bring an inspo pic or 3 to show the makeup artist styles of makeup you do like and try to work out what it is exactly about the makeup in these images you do like. You might like to take some time out before the makeup booking to do this. Remember to pick people who have similar colourings and features to yourself. For example, if you have blonde hair and blue eyes try to find models with blonde hair and blue wearing makeup you like. If you do find makeup on people who don't have similar features keep in mind the makeup might look the same.

If there are any major concern areas on your face or décolletage which are embarrassing to you or things you just don't like to be highlighted let the makeup artist know immediately so they can steer you towards colours that hide this, makeup styles that might work better or spend extra time concealing these areas.

Once the makeup has been applied, as soon as you start to feel like the makeup style isn't quite right let the makeup artist know. Sometimes especially if you aren't used to having your makeup done professionally it might look a little different to the way you are used to it being done, Sometimes it can just take a minute to get used to the way the brows are done or having a heavier or lighter application of makeup applied. Even if this is the case still let the makeup artist know they might be able to alter it to make you feel more comfortable without compromising the whole look. I always say

"It's your face, I don't have to wear the makeup, if you don't feel comfortable please let me know".

If the makeup really doesn't feel right let the makeup artist know as soon as possible sometimes they have missed the brief or there are things they can do to fix the look.

Remember once you leave the booking it is often too late to let the makeup artist know they haven't done the makeup to your liking. Although, I still recommend reaching out to them if say you get home and decide the makeup isn't quite what you like. If I have spare time and a client were to tell me they weren't happy with their makeup, I would offer for them to come back free of charge to alter the makeup to their standard or remove it. Sometimes there are ways I can also help the client alter their makeup via video call to make them feel more comfortable in the look.

There are some circumstances where altering makeup can't be done such as photos under harsh studio lighting and the texture of the skin. Lighting in studios can be harsh so the makeup will often need to be applied slightly heavier to be seen in the photos, please be aware as experts in makeup we know the correct level of makeup to apply to achieve the desired look in photos. The texture of raised moles, wrinkles and scars can't be removed with makeup. Although makeup can be used to lessen the appearance of pigmentation, wrinkles and scars it doesn't have an inbuilt blur feature (like many online photos may lead you to believe). Nearly all photos online have been edited to remove texture in the skin all while claiming makeup as the cause of this. Unfortunately, this isn't the case and in person, all textures will still be visible. Makeup artist still have lots of tricks to reduce the appearance of texture on the skin though.

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